Our Flavors


Powdered green tea leaves; mellow,
earthy, nutty, a touch of bitterness

Consumed directly instead of being
steeped and filtered like other teas

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Vietnamese Coffee

Robusta beans with a stronger and nuttier flavor, packing more
antioxidants, less fats, and less sugar than arabica beans

Traditionally used in: Vietnamese coffee + a world of
barista creations (egg yolk in your coffee? avocado?!)

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Masala Chai

A beverage originating from the Indian subcontinent, sweet and milky

Often includes ground ginger, cardamom, cinnamon,
star anise, nutmeg, fennel, and other spices

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Black Sesame

Savory, warm, nutty, and buttery flavor- bolder and deeper than it's hamburger-bun cousin

Traditionally used in: mochi,
tang yuan, black sesame soup

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